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Premier Garage Cleaning Services

Our specialty is clean out services for garages, attics, basements, apartments, estates, offices, and storage units. We service these locations: York, PA; Lancaster, PA; Harrisburg, PA; Northern Maryland; and Harford County, MD.

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Premier Clean Out Services

Make Room to Park Your Car in the Garage Again.

Welcome to our premier clean out services, where we specialize in restoring order and creating space in your life.

Our garage cleaning services are designed to tackle the chaos and reclaim your personal spaces, whether a crowded garage, an overstuffed attic, or any other area needing attention.

With a focus on efficiency, professionalism, and respect for your property, we ensure that your needs are met with the highest standard of service.

If you are in and around these counties in Maryland and Pennsylvania, we can complete your clean out service to transform your cluttered areas into functional spaces today with ease and professionalism. Give us a call for a quote.

    • York County
    • Lancaster County
    • Dauphin County
    • Harford County

Can You Visualize a Clean Garage?

Imagine opening your garage door to find a perfectly organized space where every tool, sports equipment, and storage box has its place. Our premier garage cleaning services are not just about removing unwanted items; they’re about transforming your garage into a functional, welcoming part of your home. Whether it’s making room to park your car again or creating a workspace for your hobbies, we understand the importance of reclaiming this valuable area of your home.

Through our dedicated services, we’ve seen first-hand the difference a cleared and well-organized garage can make in our clients’ lives.

Get a clean garage from our garage cleaning services

It’s not merely about the physical space but the peace of mind and possibilities that come with it. Imagine converting that cluttered garage into a workshop, a fitness area, or simply a serene spot to unwind after a long day. With our comprehensive garage cleaning services, this vision can become your reality.


We believe in more than just clearing out the old; we’re about creating room for the new. Let our team help you rediscover the potential of your garage and transform it into a space that reflects your needs and aspirations. It’s not just about what we remove; it’s about what you gain back: space, peace of mind, and endless possibilities for your home.

Garage Cleaning Services

Our garage junk removal and cleaning services transform cluttered garages into organized, functional spaces. We handle it all, whether it’s old furniture, discarded household items, or years of accumulated odds and ends. Our team not only removes unwanted items but also assists in sorting what stays and what goes, always with a mind towards recycling and donating where possible.

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Get your cluttered garage cleaned out now!

Versatile Clean-Out Solutions: Why We’re the Right Choice

There are countless reasons to opt for professional clean-out services, and our clients come to us with a variety of needs.

The list below reflects the broad range of reasons you may need our clean-out services beyond garage clean-outs. It illustrates our adaptability as a customer-focused service company to meet your specific needs. Regardless of your specific needs, from garage cleanouts to whole homes and yard decluttering, our services provide tailored solutions to fulfill those needs.

  1. Making Space: Many seek garage cleaning services to clear space for parking a vehicle or create a more functional area.
  2. Home Sales: A swift and thorough clean out can be crucial for those preparing a property for sale, ensuring that every room showcases its full potential.
  3. Seasonal Cleaning: Whether you need spring cleaning or a seasonal declutter, our services provide the fresh start many desire.
  4. Estate Clearance: Following estate sales, we efficiently handle the removal of unsold items, easing the burden on families during challenging times.


And the list goes on, including downsizing, renovating, or simply the desire to declutter one’s living or working space. Whatever your reason, our team is equipped to provide a solution tailored to your needs, with the flexibility to work around your schedule and ensure quick turnaround times for those urgent clean out projects.

Attic Clear-Outs

The attic, often overlooked, can become a catch-all for items no longer in use. Our clean-out services extend to these out-of-sight spaces, where we carefully remove old belongings, holiday decorations, and anything else out of place. We make the process hassle-free, ensuring your attic is cleared out efficiently and safely.

Basement Clean Ups

Basements can quickly turn into overwhelming storage areas. Our basement clean out services focus on removing old appliances, furniture, and any accumulated junk, transforming your basement back into a usable space. Whether it’s for renovation or to declutter, we’ve got you covered.

Outdoor Sheds and Storage Units

Outdoor sheds and storage units often hold forgotten or out-of-season items. Our clean-out services precisely tackle these spaces, helping you decide what to keep, donate, or dispose of and swiftly executing the plan. From garden tools to holiday decorations, we ensure your storage spaces serve you best.

Whole Home Clean Outs

Entire homes, including mobile home trailers, require significant effort and organization for a successful cleanout. Whether transitioning, downsizing, or handling estate clearances, our team manages the project from start to finish with sensitivity and efficiency, ensuring a respectful and thorough service.

Office and Apartment Clean Outs

Our clean out services extend to offices and apartments, where we handle everything from furniture to electronic waste, ensuring a swift turnaround for end-of-lease, renovations, or new tenant preparations. We coordinate closely with property managers and tenants to meet strict deadlines and requirements.

Property Clean Out

Large properties, including estates and commercial sites, demand a comprehensive approach. Our property clean out services are equipped to handle large-scale jobs, offering clean up yard service and affordable junk removal to ensure every corner of your property is attended to.

Expedited Service for Urgent Needs

We understand that sometimes a clean-out service is needed urgently. Whether it’s a sudden move, a last-minute property sale, or any other immediate need, our team is ready to respond with expedited services to meet your tight deadlines without compromising quality or thoroughness.

How Our Garage Clean-Out Services Work

At Crass Hauling, we are excited to offer a seamless and efficient process throughout your entire clean-out service.

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Why Choose Crass Hauling?

  • Professional and Courteous – We are considerate and professional in our work within and around your home.
  • Quality Service – We give you the same quality service that we would expect if someone were performing the service for us.
  • Clean Up – We clean up after we haul away your junk to make your space looks and feels refreshed.
  • Courtesy Call – We will call you before we arrive so you can be ready.
  • Sustainable – We don’t just throw away everything
  • Reusability – We try to repurpose what we can.
  • Charity Minded – We will donate what we can to Goodwill.
  • Affordable – Our prices are reasonable, and we provide reliable estimates.
  • Credentialed – We are Licensed, Bonded, and Insured. We also carry Workman’s Comp for our employees.
  • Move Service Offerings – We offer hauling and junk removal services as well as Vehicle Removal, Clean-Outs, Demolition Projects, Mulching, Donation Drop-off, and Appliance and Electronic Recycling Removal.
  • Trusted & Reliable – We’ve been in business for 30+ Years.
Jeff crass - owner of crass hauling and junk removal

Jeff Crass, Owner

Other Junk Hauling Services We Offer

Hauling junk removal services illustration of crass hauling white box truck

Hauling Junk Removal Services

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Recycling Removal

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Moving Help

Moving help: whether you’re relocating within the same building or across town in South Central PA and Northern MD, our expert team is here to lend a hand.

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Demolition Projects

From sheds to small homes, our team handles every aspect of demolition projects with precision and care.

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Vehicle Removal

Whether you need to clear away your car, truck, or small boat, our vehicle removal services can do the job, giving you the freedom to enjoy your surroundings.

We Prioritize Your Satisfaction

Our commitment to excellence and hassle-free experience has earned the rave reviews of our valued customers. Join them in experiencing top-notch services that go above and beyond to ensure your complete satisfaction. Contact us now for a free quote and let us help you declutter your space with ease.