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Moving Services with Care and Efficiency

We will help you move in and out of York, PA; Lancaster, PA; Harrisburg, PA; Northern Maryland; and Harford County, MD.

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Moving Services

Packing and Unpacking Services Available

We’ve helped people and small businesses move all over South Central PA and Northern Maryland. If you are in and around these counties in Maryland and Pennsylvania, we can complete your move to and from with ease and professionalism. Give us a call for a quote.

York County
Lancaster County
Dauphin County
Harford County

Are You Moving Across Town?

At Crass Hauling & Junk Removal, we also will help you move. Moving is a painstaking process that no one really enjoys.

We can help you alleviate some of that displeasure with your next move. If you are moving across town from an apartment, small home, or condo, we are here to help.

Small Business Moves

If you have a small business and you have outgrown your current office, we can move your office furniture and business belongings with just as much care, professionalism, and courtesy as we would for a family moving to their new home.

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We Will Pack and Unpack For You

Do you dread the thought of packing everything for a move? Let us pack everything for you.

Moving can often feel overwhelming and stressful, but fear not because at Crass Hauling & Junk Removal, we are here to make your moving experience easier and hassle-free.

Our dedicated professionals are ready to provide exceptional moving services that go above and beyond.

Leave the packing and transportation to us, as we handle each item with the utmost care and ensure its safe arrival at your new destination. By entrusting us with your move, not only will you save valuable time, but you will also minimize the stress associated with the process.

You Don’t Need to Borrow Your Friends Truck

There is no need to burden your friends and family by asking to borrow their trucks anymore; our reliable truck is ready and waiting to assist you. Take the opportunity to make everyone’s life easier and keep your loved ones happy by giving us a call today for a free quote.

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Experience the difference of our efficient, reliable, and stress-free moving services.

How Our Moving Services Work

At Crass Hauling, we are enthused to offer a seamless and efficient process throughout your entire move. We can move your already boxed items or box everything up for you to save you the hassle. Just let us know what you would

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Pack the Truck and Deliver

We call ahead so you are ready for us to begin right away packing the truck. Upon arrival at your new destination, the truck is unpacked efficiently and carefully.

Other Junk Hauling Services We Offer

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Clean Outs

Every once in a while, it's always good to have a good clean-out service done to make a fresh start.

Attic Clean Out - It's time to get rid of the long-stored items in your attic. You do not need to get all dusty or risk going up those attic stairs.

Shed Clean Out - Do you have some tools in your shed you need to get to, but they are behind with a non-working lawn mower or unused garden equipment? We can make your shed a usable space again by clearing out what you don't need or doesn't work any longer.

Basement Clean Out - Did your basement get flooded, and now you have rotting furniture or moldy clothing? Let us take care of that for you. You'll be glad you didn't try to take on that clean-up job once you see the end result of our clean-out services.

Yard Clean Out - A big storm blew through your neighborhood, and debris from trees and neighbors 2 streets down the road made a mess of your outdoor living space. We'll give you your peaceful space back with our yard clean-up.

Let the Professionals at Crass Hauling perform your next clean-out service.

Demolition project illustration of wrecking ball hitting a red brick wall

Demolition Projects

From sheds to small homes, our team handles every aspect of demolition projects with precision and care.

Wooden Sheds - Do you have an old wooden shed that is rotting away? We can dismantle every board and nail holding up that shed and clear out the space for your next shed or new garden area.

Metal Sheds - Did a tree fall on your shed, and now it won't keep the water out? We'll empty all the damaged items and dispose of them properly. Then, section by section, we will remove the remaining shed pieces and clean out that space for you.

Garages - Is your garage about to collapse? It's time to demo it before someone gets hurt. Let us demo your garage safely and promptly.

Lean To - Did a strong wind mangle your lean-to? We can safely untwist the destruction and haul away the debris that is left over.


If you have a specific demo project in mind, call us, and we can quickly let you know how we can help.

We Prioritize Your Satisfaction

Our commitment to excellence and hassle-free experience has earned the rave reviews of our valued customers. Join them in experiencing top-notch services that go above and beyond to ensure your complete satisfaction. Contact us now for a free quote and let us help you declutter your space with ease.